8+ Front Yard Landscaping Ideas To Make More Beautiful

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Feminine Front Yard Fence

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas – Many homeowners think that interior design is the most indispensable thing of a house. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the first thing that draws people’s attention is the front yard. Here are 8 front yard landscaping ideas that will jazz your house up.

1. Harmony in Diversity Landscape

Harmony in Diversity Landscape

Being gorgeous does not mean that you have to arrange similar things together and keep them organized. Well, keeping things organized to look great makes sense, but arranging similar things together does not always turn out well.

This front yard comprises of various kinds of plants and colors which make them look harmonious. The different height also plays an important role in getting rid of the mundane look.

The red leaf Japanese maple trees lead with their heights and colors that add beauty to the landscape. Adding some perenials and shrubs such as clethra and boxwood will be your safe bet due to their low maintenance.

2. Get The Shrubs Shaped

Get The Shrubs Shaped

One of the most ubiquitous front yard landscaping ideas is getting the shrubs shaped. You can either do it yourself or have a professional to trim the shrubs.

The shaped shrubs add dramatic look to any front yards even if the yards lack colorful flowers. They can also make the front yards look lush, thus many homeowners use them to accentuate their dull front yards.

Boxwoods are one of the most favorable shrubs when it comes to decorating front yards due to their low maintenance. Just like this classic front yard. The shaped boxwoods instantly draw people’s attention. Adding some flowers can balance the appearance. And the fountain is solely icing on the cake.

3. Dual Colors for Minimalist yet Impressive Look

Dual Colors for Minimalist yet Impressive Look

When it comes to accentuating a front yard, some homeowners might think that the more colorful, the better. Decorating front yard is not solely about concocting various kinds of colors and arranging them fastidiously. It will be better if you stick to a particular theme.

This front yard still looks adorable despite the minimalist look that only provides green and white colors. To add the greenery to this front yard, you can use either boxwoods or yews and put them along the driveway.

To add more colors without overwhelming the yard, you can use “Blue Muffin” arrowwood viburnum that provides creamy-white flowers in spring.

4. Light The Pathway Up



Light The Pathway Up

Paving some parts of the front yard is functional rather than exquisite. It guides your guests’ steps to the front door so that they will not step and wreak havoc on the lawn. However, the arrangements of the pavings can be very dull. Therefore, they do need some colors.

This paving is not appealing at all. Therefore, some flowers and shrubs are added to create a riot of color. The yelow-green folliage of Golden Vicary Privet will look great if you combine it with some purple or blue perennials such as Agastache or Thyme.

In addition to the fabulous and low-maintenance ground covers, you can add a few taller plants such as Sky Pencil Hollies or Redleaf Japanese Maples for subtle red-green colors.

5. Get Acquainted with Pebbles and Containers

Get Acquainted with Pebbles and Containers

If your front yard is not huge enough to keep various kinds of beautiful plants, you can still make your small yard look pretty without any lawns. You can use small pebbles in place of lawns to cover your small yard.

To create a minimalist and modern look, you can use various kinds of containers. The shapes of the containers can accentuate the plants put in them.

Since you want to have a minimalist front yard for your modern house, you need to keep the plants simple by restricting the use of a breadth of colorful flowers. Keep some greeneries like boxwoods and Slender Hinoki False Cypress as the main elements can provide you the look of elegance in simplicity.

For a more modern look, avoid planting flowers with vibrant colors and sophisticated shapes. The simpler, the better, thus firework grass, spider plant, and Sansevieria can be the safe bet.

6. Front Yard Landscaping Ideas – Make a Focal Point

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas - Make a Focal Point

Although it lacks vibrant colors since you can only see greeneries everywhere, this front yard can still charm and amaze its guests.

Some homeowners might think that a jaw-dropping front yard is the one that provides a breadth of colors. In fact, you can still create a charming

front yard even if you only put greeneries. The most important thing is you arrange the plants fastidiously.

Mkaing a focal point in your front yard which is covered by greeneries is crucial. The focal point has to be bigger, have distinctive features, and be placed in the middle of the yard.

One of the most common trees that are used as the focal point of a yard is palm trees since they are usually bigger than shrubs, have distinctive leaves, and the colors just perfectly match with any greeneries.

7. Feminine Front Yard Fence

Feminine Front Yard Fence

Decorating front yard is not about putting some plants on your lawn or alont the pathway and driveway. Adding some colorful flowers and shrubs along and over your fence can perk the entrance up and make it look pretty.

The white fence would be just fine if you left it that way. However, adding some natural colors to it can turn it into a top-notch fence that can make your neighbors stop by for an indulgent landscape.

Do not overwhelm the fence with so many colors. You will want it to stay simple yet adorable. Applying two or three colors such as the pinkish hue of hybrid roses, the yellow-green of Golden Vicary Privet, and the sweet purple of butterfly bush repeatedly will be just fine.

8. Stone and Greeneries for a Natural Look

Stone and Greeneries for a Natural Look

Adding some natural stones among your plants can be a great idea for a natural look. The stones can also help you to conceal imperfect looks of your front yard that cannot be fixed by plants. Furthermore, it provides the touch of boldness to your front yard.

When combining lady verns, spider plant, and arrowwood viburnum, the stones can be an A1 complement for your front yard.

There are various kinds of plants that you can use for front yard landscaping ideas. All you need to do is knowing your style and your budget available since some plants do need extra care while some others don’t. For an easy and affordable front yard landscaping, boxwoods will be your safe bet. But, again, you know what you want most.

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