9 Easy Tips on Garden Design Ideas Low Maintenance

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A garden is meant to be a place in which you can lounge on the bench while enjoying the view. It is a place where you can blow off steam, not a place that knocks you out. Therefore, low maintenance plants are more preferable. Here are some tips on garden design ideas low maintenance that will not make you cheesed off.


1. Get Rid of The Plants

Get Rid of The Plants

I know it might sound weird because typical gardens are decorated with plants. What is a garden without a plant?

Well, one thing from a garden that makes you slog away at perpetual chores is the plants. So why don’t you just ditch them so that you will not have to take care of them religiously? It makes sense, doesn’t it?

In place of those exquisite and colorful flowers, you can place sculpture, bench, or any other things that have an artistic look – even rusty look is what many homeowners are crazy about today.

Pro : You will not exert yourself and spend much time on taking care of the plants.

Con : The garden might look dull due to lacking colors.

2. Keep Some Low-Maintenance Plants

Keep Some Low-Maintenance Plants

If you want to add some pretty greeneries or colorful flowers to jazz your garden up, you can still do it. You can even grow as many plants as you want. Just make sure that they are low-maintenance plants.

Low-maintenance plants tend to be tough. You do not need to take care of them regularly just like what people usually do when they have annual flowers in their yard. Still, you will need to water and mow them every other day – or even week.

Garden design ideas low maintenance Plants You Can Choose :

Garden design ideas low maintenance

Here are 20 low-maintenance plants and shrubs that can beautify your garden without exerting yourself:

  • Chinese Fringe Tree
  • Quartz Rose Verbena
  • Boxwood
  • Yew
  • Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce
  • Purple Prince Butterfly Bush
  • Firelight Spiraea
  • Quartz Burgundy Verbena
  • Fireworks grass
  • Rockspray Cotoneaster
  • Blue Lyme Grass
  • Bloody Cranesbill
  • Quartz White Verbena
  • Dwarf Norway Spruce
  • Fireworks Goldenrod
  • Elijah Blue Fescue
  • Endless Summer Hydrangea
  • Archer’s Gold Lemon Thyme
  • Dwarf Arctic Blue Leaf Willow
  • Red Meidiland Rose

3. Use Shrubs Instead of Beds

Use Shrubs Instead of Beds

Having flower beds in a garden can be a great idea. They can provide dramatic view to your garden, as well as another perpetual chore.

Instead of having colorful flowers that need an extra care for the seasonal display maintenance, you can have hedge and shrubs.

Although your garden will be less colorful, the shrubs such as boxwoods that are trimmed fastidiously can provide the touch of boldness to it just like typical gardens in modern houses.

4. Remove The Lawns

Remove The Lawns

Lawns can be very impressive. They look like a huge green carpet that covers your garden. The natural green of lawns makes it easy to color and spruce up your garden. But, you might miss one thing. Having lawns means adding another chore to your busy days.

You surely have to remove the lawns if gardening is not your cup of tea, but you mustn’t leave your garden uncovered which makes it look uninteresting at all.

Tips : To cover the garden, you can install pavings. Large pavings made of natural stone create an elegant ambience to your garden.

5. Consider Adding “Waterfall”

Consider Adding “Waterfall”

Have you ever imagined how it feels to enjoy the beautiful scenery of a waterfall? Have you ever heard the natural subtle sound made by the water? Don’t just keep it in your mind! You need to make it come true.

Adding fountain to your garden is a convenient way to enhance the look of it. Even if your garden is lack of plants, this fake waterfall can provide more dramatic to your garden – even better than what plants can do.

Pro : The fountain can draw everyone’s attention and amaze them very well.

Con : Your garden will be lack of colors.

6. Add Hardy Perennials and Drought Tolerants For Color

Add Hardy Perennials and Drought Tolerants For Color

I know that a garden without colorful plants is not appealing at all. The good news is you can still accentuate your garden with various kinds of colors and enjoy lingering over a cup of tea on the bench without struggling for watering the plants.

Hardy perennials and drought tolerant plants will add colors to your garden without making you breaking a sweat for taking care of them. Don’t overwhelm your garden with a riot of colors. Keep it simple will be better.


Here are some drought tolerant plants that can color your garden.

  • Ceanothus Americanus
  • Verbena Bonariensis
  • English Lavender
  • Kangaroo Paw
  • Rudbeckia Fulgida
  • Chrysantemum
  • Asters
  • Coralbells

7. Create an Outdoor Living Area

Create an Outdoor Living Area

Since your garden lack colors and plants, you may want to add beautiful things to make it a nice place to blow off steam. Creating an outdoor living area can be your great bet.

There are many available outdoor living area that suit your style very well. You can build a deck or patio with eithera a rustic or an elegant look that provides an ultimate comfort for you and your family. A cozy deck or patio complements your low-maintenance garden very well.

Pro : An outdoor living area can improve the look of your garden a lot. Besides, it is such a nice place to relax.

Con : Building a patio or a deck can be exorbitant depending on the type of deck or patio that you want to have.

8. Do Not Overwhelm The Garden

Do Not Overwhelm The Garden

Just because it is a low-maintenance garden, it does not mean that you can arrange your garden carelessly. Arranging the plants fastidiously is needed to make a top-notch look.

One thing for sure, do not overwhelm your garden with a breadth of plants. Sticking to two to three species of plants and staying simple will be better. Having more is not always good, but having less can be better somehow.

9. Consider Planting Cactus

Consider Planting Cactus

Cactus is one of the most drought-tolerant plants. Try perking your garden up by putting cactus in some containers. Their distinctive shape will add the touch of boldness to your garden. And, of course, you do not have to water them every day.

Garden design ideas low maintenance can improve the appearance of your home if you do it properly. The garden can also define your style. You just need to remember that a garden should not be too much trouble since it is a place where you can enjoy your tea comfortably.

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